Zambrero’s is a maths filled place

Earlier this week I went to Mildura and visited Zambrero’s (a mexican fast food chain). While I was there I saw two things that were mathematiCAL:

  1. A 10 digit number display telling how many meals had been donated at that point in time. It was constantly changing. I watched it change.

2. There was a fruit bowl on the table that caught my eye. The fruit bowl was in the shape of an Icosahedron – a platonic solid with 20 faces (a platonic solid is a shape where every vertice has the exact same number of faces eg: in this case, each vertice has 5 faces). Icosahedrons are also 1 of 8 strictly convex deltahedron (all faces are equilateral triangles).

Have you heard of this shape before? Where have you seen one?

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