Making Art on my iPad

I love to draw but it is difficult to control or hold a pencil like you because I have choreo-athetoid cerebral palsy. That basically means that my muscles and movements are not working how I want them to. BUT. . . don’t underestimate me. As you can see I am very capable of using my mind.

So, you might be wondering how I create art when I have unsteady movements. The answer is – easy (it’s not really easy, but with an ipad, some apps, a switch adaptor, two switches, apple’s switch control settings, a creative mind and a lot of determination it is possible).

I use two head switches to control my ipad. Here are some of the artworks I have created.

These first pictures were made using an app called Tux Paint.

Primary Colours
Bart Simpson
Nate doing his hair
Fruit bowl
Mrs Hywood
Three colour challenge: Shrek and Fiona
Draw with Jazza
Portrait of my Dad

These next creations were made using an app called Geometry Pad. I plot coordinates and join them with lines to make a picture.

Harry Potter
Mary, Jesus and Joseph

I would like to thank my mum for making this possible.

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